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Saint Seiya

Saint Seiya Products

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Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac - The Epic Saga of Cosmic Warriors

Welcome to the exciting world of Saint Seiya, the epic saga of cosmic warriors ready to defend justice and peace. Discover the story behind their battles, the complete list of episodes, and the iconic characters that have captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide.

Table of Contents

  1. Who is Saint Seiya?
  2. How was the idea of Saint Seiya born?
  3. The characters of Saint Seiya
  4. The complete list of Saint Seiya episodes

Who is Saint Seiya?

Saint Seiya, also known as Knights of the Zodiac, is a manga and anime created by Masami Kurumada. The story follows the adventures of young warriors called Knights who wear powerful armors known as the Zodiac Armors. Each Knight represents a zodiac constellation and fights to defend the goddess Athena and the Earth from enemies that threaten peace. With their determination, courage, and cosmic powers, the Knights of the Zodiac face epic challenges and clash with formidable opponents.

How was the idea of Saint Seiya born?

The idea of Saint Seiya was born from Masami Kurumada's passion for mythology and the Zodiac constellation. Kurumada wanted to create a story that combined action, drama, and mythological elements, giving life to charismatic characters and thrilling adventures. Thus, the Knights of the Zodiac came to existence, with their unique powers and distinct personalities. The manga was first published in 1986 and immediately became a success, leading to the creation of an animated series that captured the hearts of viewers worldwide.

The characters of Saint Seiya

Saint Seiya boasts a rich cast of fascinating characters. Among the main protagonists are the Five Bronze Saints: Pegasus Seiya, Dragon Shiryu, Cygnus Hyoga, Andromeda Shun, and Phoenix Ikki. Each of them has a unique personality and abilities, and together they face numerous mortal enemies to protect the goddess Athena and the Earth. In addition to the Bronze Saints, there are also the Gold Saints, powerful enemies to defeat, and many other memorable characters that enrich the world of Saint Seiya.

The complete list of Saint Seiya episodes

Saint Seiya comprises several series and seasons that delve into the plot and carry forward the adventures of the Knights of the Zodiac. Among the main series are: Saint Seiya (also known as Classic Saint Seiya), Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas, Saint Seiya: Omega, and Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold. Each series introduces new characters, new challenges, and new mysteries to uncover. With a complete list of episodes, fans can fully immerse themselves in the epic saga of Saint Seiya and enjoy every moment of action, emotion, and friendship among the cosmic warriors.

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